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Perl books published in 2000

39 book covers in this collection

mod_perl Pocket Reference
Perl DBI
XML How to Program
Perl!: I Didn't Know You Could Do That...
Win32 Perl Scripting: The Administrator's Handbook
DeBugging Perl
Perl 5 in 24 uur
Perl for Dummies
Active Perl Developer's Guide
CGI Fast&Easy Web Development
Cross-Platform Perl
Perl for System Administration
Perl, CGI, and JavaScript Complete
Perl. Wprowadzenie
CGI Programming with Perl
Perl 5 Pocket Reference
Perl Developer's Guide
Teach Yourself CGI in 24 Hours
UNIX dla każdego
Beginning Perl
Perl dla każdego
ActivePerl with ASP and ADO
Perl: библиотека программиста
CGI Programming 101
Programming the Perl DBI
A Little Book on Perl
CGI Programmeren met Perl
CGI/Perl: создание программ для Web
Perl 5 Kort en Krachtig
Perl ile CGI Programlama Kılavuzu
Perl pro zelenáče
Perl: библиотека программиста
Изучаем Perl
Основы программирования на языке Perl
Программирование на Perl DBI