About the Site

The goal of the site is to demonstrate as many Perl books as possible. There were published innumerous number of Perl and Perl-related books since the language birth. Most of them contain already well outdated content but nevertheless are of interest for those who is interested in Perl and its history.

Those of you who visited FOSDEM or one of the Dutch Perl Workshops, might have seen the two book shelves with hundreds of books on Perl, CGI, and other various stuff. After you first see those, it is difficult to believe that there were really so many books ever printed. And those are only books mainly in English. There should be dozens or hundreds of books in other languages, both translations from English, and original ones.

This collection assembled by Wendy G.A. van Dijk and Elizabeth Mattijsen is laying in the basement of the collection available on In May 2013, I scanned all the book covers they had at that time, and then was procrastinating for about couple of years, while in March 2015 finally built the infrastructure for the site and started publishing books one by one, trying gathering all important data from author names to page numbers as precise as it is possible.

Some books are tagged to the few big categories like CGI or Bioinformatics. Navigation by author, publisher, language and publication year is available too. There are no texts of the books though :-) In the future, there are plans to upload about 50 books in Russian from my own collection and to publish books in other languages with the help of the Perl community. If you have one, please let me know or upload it directly.

You may help improving information accuracy by patching the books meta data, which are all available on GitHub.

Andrew Shitov,
26 April 2015


The site would not be that great without the help of volunteers who uploaded missing data and book covers and thus improved the collection.

Philippe Bruhat (BooK)
Alex Kapranoff
Jack LaPlante
Jean-Christophe Zeus
David Yingling
Juergen Schlag
Andrew Pavlov
Vladimir Lettiev
Alexey Surikov
Denis Ibaev
Alberto Simões